Gallery Show

Winter Sun (A Collection of Landscape Paintings)

During a six-week class cycle, our students usually spend the first several classes applying paint over paint until there is an array of colors and the painting is relatively textured and abstract. Some students stay in this abstract realm right until the end of the session, while others decide to paint something more representational—which includes the landscape. Regarding landscape paintings, there are cases when the student has a preconceived image of what he or she would like to paint right from the beginning. This would include both Laura Houeh paintings in this gallery. In most cases, though, the landscape is already there in the painting while it is still in its abstract form. The landscape first needs to be “discovered” and then our teachers will guide the students in “bringing it out” so that others can plainly see it, too. This is done through the use of contrasting colors and hard lines.

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