Enjoy the sketches, short films, songs, and musical performances from our talented students in these curated showcases.

Current Showcases

“Reality” TV

In this collection of reality TV parodies, our students play wacky judges on “American Idol,” report the local news, help solve a baffling holiday crime, take part in a “Bachelor” style competition, and more!

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White Lies of White Bluff: A Soap Opera

Long before “appointment TV” was a phrase, daytime soap operas had mastered the art of bringing viewers back at the same time every day to find out what happened next to their favorite characters. In this 5-episode series, our students in White Bluff, TN, created their very own serialized daytime drama.

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In this collection of videos, our students take a more serious approach to film.

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TV Classics

Our students revisit some favorite classic TV shows from the past, including “Happy Days,” “Scooby Doo,” and “The Flintstones.”

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Daytime Television

Talk shows, game shows, and everything in between.

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