Amy Palmo
Amy PalmoMovement Instructor

Buffalo, NY



Amy Palmo

Amy Palmo is a movement instructor for IndicatorArt in Buffalo, NY, where she teaches students basic yoga poses and breath work. She has worked with individuals with many different points of view, including individuals diagnosed with Autism and Down syndrome, and she has her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification through the Himalayan Institute.

Amy was inspired to develop IndicatorArt’s “Movement and Quiet” classes by her 5+ years working in group homes and day treatment program settings. It became clear that yoga postures, time for quiet, and breath work had a positive influence on the individuals she was working with. Amy has designed the “Movement and Quiet” class for students who experience challenges with learning, mobility, and language; she teaches basic yoga asanas as well as modified poses for those who require alternatives (e.g., chair yoga) to help them develop flexibility, strength, and balance.