IndicatorArt® in Los Angeles

IndicatorArt® in Los Angeles implements in-person artistic programs in various “pop-up” locations throughout the valley and in Topanga Canyon. In special circumstances, we have teachers who will go directly to group homes and healthcare facilities to teach different art forms to individuals who may otherwise not have this opportunity.

Currently, we offer inclusive creative workshops in small group settings where we guide and support students throughout the process of Abstract Painting, Photography, Mixed Media/Collage, and Music. Future workshops will include classes in Theatre, Writing, and Film, as well.

Each creative workshop culminates in an online art critique or an in-person show at a local venue for family, friends, and the general community. For the online critique, we assemble a panel of professionals in the visual art industry to comment on each piece before opening the conversation up to people in the audience.

We have mentorship opportunities in Painting, where we work with individuals in a more intensive setting on both the creative and business aspects of the craft. The ultimate goal of the mentorship program is to empower our students in the arts by helping to establish them in the local art community on the merit of their work alone.

We also provide yoga inspired Movement classes, designed to help students develop flexibility, strength, and balance.

Note: Participants need to be accompanied by a family member or caregiver for the duration of each class.

Our Current Classes

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Collage

  • Music

  • Movement

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Matthew Palmo
Founder and Director of Online Programming

Upcoming Classes


Students learn a specific process of acrylic painting as they work on the same piece from blank canvas to completion.  Along the way, instructors will introduce aspects of color theory, perspective, and various approaches to paint application, always mindful of each student’s capabilities. 

At the conclusion of the course, the finished paintings will be presented in a public group show or an online art critique for family, friends, and the general community.


Students learn aspects of experimental, point and shoot photography as they are taught how to see the world around them in a new way. This includes learning how to capture motion, take interesting portraits, create a personal and meaningful still life, and notice the small details in nature and other subject matter, while applying various techniques offered by the teacher.  

At the conclusion of the course, specific photographs will be presented in a public group show or an online art critique for family, friends, and the general community.

Collage/Mixed Media

Students discover and explore a wide range of artistic processes and materials, as they create surreal scenes, magical landscapes, and nonsensical portraits. Under the guidance of a professional teacher, participants will cut out images from old magazines, books, and cards, to be uniquely placed and secured on a cardboard background. Acrylic paint, magic markers, and oil pastels will also be used in various ways, while students exercise self-expression during the creation of their art piece.

At the conclusion of the course, the finished collages will be presented in a public group show or an online art critique for family, friends, and the general community.

Music Performance

Students work with experienced musicians as they learn how to improvise musically in a group performance environment. They are given the opportunity to explore different instruments and discover their strengths and interests, and then under the guidance of the teacher, work together to create musical pieces. 

At the conclusion of the course, students will perform in a live or pre-taped showcase event or have an open rehearsal for family and friends.


Students learn basic yoga asanas (poses) and breath work techniques designed to help them develop flexibility, strength, and balance. Each class is customized to address the needs of the students, and modified poses (e.g., chair yoga) are also taught for those who require alternatives.

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